Sports Medicine

Our York Region Medical Clinic is quarterbacked by a sports physician who has specialized training and experience in concussion management. Some of the advantages in having an MD-centered program include:

  • Assessment/management of your condition in the context of your pre-existing general medical status and past medical history
  • Broad knowledge and experience in many vital areas that relate to concussion including: headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, mood disorders, neck injuries, cognitive concerns and visual and vestibular abnormalities.
  • For most purposes (i.e., school, sports, work) a diagnosis of concussion should be made by an MD and return to activities should also be authorized by an MD
  • Can directly order imaging and investigations if and when required
  • Can directly arrange for referrals if and when required
  • Can prescribe medication if and when indicated
  • Most MD services are covered by OHIP

Dr. Taher Chugh

Sports Medicine, MD, CCFP(SEM), FCFP. Dip Sport Med