Before Your Appointment

Review the above to help yourself prepare for your appointment.

Have someone help you complete the questionnaire(s) if computer/screen work bothers you or if were instructed not do the same.

Please fill out the following online questionnaire(s) at your convenience. If there is more than one questionnaire waiting for you, then you will be asked to fill them sequentially, one at a time.

A given questionnaire will be presented on only one screen. When you are completed that questionnaire/screen, you can click on “Next” and that questionnaire will be automatically saved. You can then decide if you want to do the next questionnaire (pops up automatically) or close the browser and continue at another time.

Please note that if you want to save any of your answers in a questionnaire, you will have to hit “Next”, otherwise, your answers will not be saved. Also, if you do not complete the questionnaire in its entirety before you click “Next” you will not be able to go back and complete any outstanding questions on that questionnaire next time you log in to the portal.

The next time you want to log into the portal, you can access it through the same email link that was initially sent to you. The questionnaire(s) will only be uploaded to your chart when they are ALL completed and you have clicked “Next” on all of them.

The office will then call you for a follow-up appointment afterwards.

  • Bring your health card
  • Bring a notebook and a pen to jot down notes
  • Bring any journals/diaries you were instructed to keep by our healthcare team at your last appointment
  • Arrive 15 minutes early so that there is time for all administrative tasks and no cause for delay of your appointment
  • Bring a signed consent form completed by you authorizing us to forward information to your GP (in the event he or she did not send a referral)
  • Bring shorts and a tank-top for your appointment to facilitate the comprehensive neurological exam
  • If possible, have someone bring you to the appointment and sit with you so that she/he can help remember the findings and the treatment plan. Ideally this person will live with you and will support your recovery process
  • Be prepared to spend 1.5 hours at our office
  • Avoid doing anything too tiresome/physically exhausting before your appointment so that the neurocognitive test more accurately reflects your true ability at the time