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Thank you for reaching out to the York Region Concussion Clinic. We were started to help patients struggling in getting the necessary specialized care in recovering from their concussions. We are enthusiastic about helping you in getting over this hurdle. Our program is an aggressive, evidenced-based, comprehensive, multidisciplinary and up-to-date management program.

We have a team of post-concussion syndrome specialists for Toronto and the greater surrounding area. In our program, concussions are managed by an interdisciplinary team: sports medicine, GP, occupational therapy, chiropractic therapy, physiotherapy, audiology and a behavioural optometry. Occasionally, other specialists (i.e., neurology, otolaryngology, orthopaedics, internal medicine) with whom we have easy access are consulted. Our rehabilitation team works together to customize your treatment plan so that the rehabilitation and accommodations are cohesive and consistent.

Our York Region medical clinic has 3 locations: York Region rehab assessment centre, an Aurora rehabilitation centre and a Thornhill rehab location (for vision therapy).

Visits with the sports physician are covered by OHIP; OHIP does not yet cover the services of allied healthcare/rehab workers or computerized neurocognitive testing, both integral parts of concussion assessment and rehabilitation.

Currently we are providing our services to patients that are 7-years-old and above.

Click on the following link to request a consultation with a post-concussion syndrome specialist at our Aurora rehabilitation centre. No referral is required.

Concussion guide visit

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